Pupgender: A gender that is small, lively, cute and any other quality associated with puppies, that is puppy-like and/or connected to puppies. Made with system littles and non-k1nk age regressors in mind, but can be used by anyone. May or may not be a kingender. Do not use if k1nk.
Tumblr user xeno-aligned, 2019

This is an informational Carrd about pupgender, a xenogender and faunagender. Above are all the flags I know of.

A related note: The coiner of pupgender has a history of problematic behavior. This is not inherently related to the identity, though, and should not stop you from using pupgender if you feel it fits you.

Other similar genders if pupgender doesn't quite fit: Canisgender, faunagender, shibabaonic.
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